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RTS vs TBS: Real Time Strategy Games vs Turn-based Strategy Games

There are two different types of mobile strategy games that you can play. Real-time strategy games (RTS) are played live, which means that the game is happening in real-time as you’re playing it. Turn-based strategy games (TBS) are not live, and happen in increments; with each turn, your opponent gets to make their move before you do. There are advantages and disadvantages to both gameplay styles – but what type of gamer should choose which one? This post is about RTS vs TBS.

What is a Real-Time Strategy Game?

A real-time strategy game is a video game genre where players usually have to construct their own base and army in order to defeat their opponents. These games are considered one of the most complex genres, due to handling many different features at once. Some examples are Age of Empires II, Starcraft or Command & Conquer.

The core gameplay of a RTS game consists of players giving orders to their units and keeping an eye on the progress made.

Every RTS is unique, but they usually share some common features: base building (including resource gathering), tech trees with different kinds of upgrades depending on civilization or faction, controlling armies which consist mainly out of infantry, vehicles, and aircraft.

Some RTS games offer multiplayer modes where two opponents fight against each other in order to destroy the enemy’s main structure called “Command Center”. Others include a single-player campaign mode instead. However, this doesn’t mean that RTS games are only meant for competitive gaming! Many RTS also have cooperative gameplay options for friends who want to play together – like building up one big empire by sharing resources between each other. Or by commanding armies consisting out of the same faction.

Different RTS games have different game mechanics, but one thing remains constant: RTS is all about strategy! You need to plan ahead carefully and manage your resources efficiently in order to win the match or mission. RTS Games also often contain e-sports features like replays which you can record easily for sharing with other players who love watching RTS gameplay videos on youtube just as much as they enjoy playing them themselves!

Is RTS dead?

After the great success of Starcraft and Warcraft was some time ago, the RTS genre was a dominant force in gaming. Nowadays, there are not many RTS games around and most of them do not receive much love from players or the press. RTS games may not be dead, but they are having trouble attracting players.

But if you ask me: RTS is still alive!

The success of best mobile MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota have shown that RTS can evolve. This is particularly a trend in mobile gaming, where RTS games are still selling very well.

At the same time, RTS is not dying in PC gaming either because there has been a recent increase of RTS titles coming out since Starcraft II was released. Many gamers loved this title and it evolved from an RPG style to more modern gameplay with units leveling up during missions that required players to manage resources while also strategic planning on how they wanted to spend their money for research or building new units etc. This created a whole new way of playing RTS games!

New RTS games need new ideas in order to attract players and RTS genre is no exception. In the past, RTS games were very simple but now they have evolved so much that gamers want more from them, this is why RTS games are still selling really well!

The only problem may be in mobile gaming where RPGs or strategy card games seem to be favored by most people because of their simplicity compared to a big RTS game with its epic battles and management style. Mobile gamers usually do not like spending hours playing a certain type of video game unless it’s for something super fun such as an fps multiplayer-based shooter which requires quick reflexes etc.

Finally, we may conclude that RTS is not dead, but there will be no more golden ages of RTS.

What is RTS example?

The genre was developed in 1992 with the introduction of Dune II. In this game, the player could organize armies into groups containing infantry, vehicles, and aircraft which were then sent into battle while building weapons for them between attacks. This basic idea was used over and over using different settings but small changes to add variety. StarCraft is also one thing that would live under RTS because it’s fast-paced and focuses more on units instead of buildings or resources. Check out Warcraft 3 if you want an example from an action RPG perspective.

Other great examples of RTS games are Company of Heroes 2, and Halo Wars 2, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires 2, and Age of Mythology.

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Pros and Cons of Real-Time Strategy Games

This may depend on the type of real-time strategy game you are playing, but generally speaking, they have their own pros and cons that set them apart from each other as well as turn-based games.

Some RTS games focus more on large battles where everything has been calculated beforehand so it plays out much like a board or tabletop war game would. Others are very fast pace and require a lot of micromanagement, planning ahead.


  • Usually, very large battles are exciting to watch (and take part in) with lots of units moving around the map at once.  The player can see their army’s actions unfold before them rather than clicking through menus/stats etc for each turn which is more common in tbs games.
  • More hands-on where it’s up to you how your army moves about the battlefield so they will act according to what you’ve told them. Micromanagement is one important key to RTS games.
  • Studies show that RTS games are good for you!


  • In RTS, the player must have a good enough understanding of what they are doing and their opponent, or else it can be very frustrating for them if things do not go according to plan because there is no ‘undo’ button in real-time!  
  • RTS games are much more stressful than tbs which you can take your time with at each individual turn until you get it right.
  • It is not always the best strategist who wins, but also the player with the best reaction.

What is a Turn-based strategy game?

A turn-based strategy game (or TBS) is a genre of video games where players take turns when playing. In TBS video games it is typically played from an overhead perspective where players can see everything that’s happening around them during their turn. After they have finished taking all of their actions it becomes the next player’s turn to take control. The main objective in most strategy-based games is to defeat your opponent by attacking and killing them with units or by capturing important areas like towns or cities (usually through RPG elements). Other objectives could be destroying specific buildings, collecting items for RPG purposes, defending yourself against attacks while you advance; there are many possibilities.

Pros and cons of turn-based strategy games 

The advantage of tbs is that it allows players to think about their next move. This makes for a more strategic gameplay experience which can be beneficial if you’re looking for something with a slower pace and requires thinking rather than quick reflexes.

Another pro of turn-based strategy games is that they’re a great way for players to improve their critical thinking skills. This is because it requires you to think about what moves your opponent might make, and how best to respond based on the information available at any given time.

A downside of tbs games is that they typically take longer to complete, which can be a big turn-off for people who are looking for something more fast-paced.

Another con of tbs games is the fact that it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on. This means you need to spend even more time focusing on what you’re doing so as not to miss out on anything important later down the line – this makes it particularly challenging if you have multiple opponents or objectives at once!

Who are the types of gamers that would prefer one type over the other, or both types equally 

Some gamers enjoy Turn-based strategy games while others prefer real-time strategy. It really depends on the type of gamer you are and what your preferences are. For example, if you don’t have a lot of time to invest in something but want an immersive experience, turn-based may be more appealing to you.

If you’re looking for more of a quick fix with faster gameplay then real-time would probably work better for you. Both types provide different experiences so it’s best to try both out before making any assumptions or judgments about which is right for you! It can also depend on what game genre we’re talking about as well. Not all RTS titles are alike and not all TBS titles.

Which is more popular – real-time or turn-based strategy games today 

The most obvious ways to compare RTS vs TBS games would be sales and player numbers. However, such data is hard if not impossible for many RTS or tbs today as there is no one place where they are stored.

If you know where to look for sales data about RTS and tbs games today, please leave a comment!

Final thoughts about RTS vs TBS

In general, RTS games are faster-paced and have more of a focus on combat. Tbs games take place over the course of days or weeks, with players usually focusing on building up their base instead of attacking other people’s bases. If you’re interested in trying out strategy games but aren’t sure which one to start with first, we recommend picking something from each genre to get a feel for how they play differently! Ultimately both genres have their own unique advantages depending on what kind of player you are so why not try them both? The key difference between RTS and tbs is the pacing; if this sounds like it could be important to your experience as a gamer then make sure that whichever game you pick has those features.

Even though RTS games are faster-paced, this doesn’t necessarily mean that turn-based strategy games aren’t fun as well! In fact, there’s a lot of RTS fans out there who still enjoy playing tbs from time to time just for something different. Ultimately both genres have their own unique advantages depending on what kind of player you are so why not try them both?

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