XCOM 2 Tactical Analysis

XCOM 2 Tactical Analysis: Is it Overpowered?

The tactical analysis is a resistance order in XCOM 2. Enemy units lose one action on their next turn if discovered, and some players say it’s overpowered. XCOM is available as both a mobile strategy game and for computer systems.

XCOM, the popular spin-off of Firaxis Games’ best selling 2012 real time strategy video game “Sid Meier’s Civilization 5” has recently been made available on phones with its new adaptation called XCOM: Enemy Unknown Lifeline Edition by Farsight Studios LLC The Company promises that this version will be more challenging than ever before!

Resistance Orders in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

In XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Resistance Orders are new. They’re a strategy layer mechanic new to this game. Resistance Orders are special bonuses. They can help you in a unique way when you build the Resistance Ring and use these orders strategically before combat starts or during your turn-based battles against Advent soldiers and other enemies on Earth’s surface.

There are many different types of resistance orders, each with its own bonus effect that will make your troops more powerful or give them an edge in battle.

What is XCOM 2 Tactical Analysis?

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XCOM tactical analysis is a resistance order. When an enemy unit discovers you on the XCOM turn, it results in them losing one action for their next turn. It can be fairly powerful if used to flank enemies or attack from hiding spots.

At xcom.fandom.com you can find an overview of all resistance orders. Here is the relevant info for Tactical Analysis:

  • Enemies will typically only have one action remaining, and they’ll either be able to flee or attack. Exceptions are Sectopods and Gatekeepers because they have three actions in a turn.
  • ADVENT Stun Lancers shoot instead of melee because they can’t reach far enough to hit something with one action.
  • ADVENT Purifiers often run away if they cannot reach your soldier.
  • The Codex can still attack with one action. Teleporting costs no action, so they can still do it.

How the entire game is affected by XCOM tactical analysis?

Some players say that XCOM 2 tactical analysis is overpowered and ruins XCOM 2 gameplay experience as a whole. Let’s take a look at how it actually affects the whole Xcom 2 gameplay.

It makes things such as VIP missions a lot simpler since they only have one action on their turn whether you trigger a pod or two.

But it’s useless if you never let an enemy get a turn. This makes it worthless as you become better at the game and also means that it is worthless as you progress through the game because War of the Chosen is designed so that enemies hit their peak before your soldiers do.

How it affects enemies?

Tactical Analysis does not generally affect Chosen (However, if you finish the final mission with Chosen still alive, it affects them.)

Codices are not immune to Tactical Analysis, but they can Teleport as soon as they use 1 action point. Then they will have 1 more action point after Teleporting, and spend it on a Psi Bomb.

The utility of Tactical Analysis against ADVENT Turrets is not as much as you may expect. It is very hard for Turrets to be activated outside XCOM’s turn and they can shoot twice in a turn. But AI-controlled Turrets are very likely to take a shot and then skip the rest of their turn or at most take one

A good choice for new players?

Tactical Analysis is a good Resistance Order for new players. If you read this before playing the game, I would recommend doing Tactical Analysis as soon as possible. You should utilize it until you are very good at preventing enemies from getting turns.

It is common for enemies to move somewhere as their entire turn after a Tactical Analysis. It also cripples the ability for melee enemies to contribute, forces most enemies you flank to choose between staying flanked while trying to fight vs escaping the flank but not doing anything with their turn.

Furthermore, the most useful time for Tactical Analysis is when you accidentally pull lots of pods at once. That is when it can be the most helpful.

Some of the most dangerous missions are ones with oversized pods. This means that for example, even if you have a Reaper, it is difficult to get exactly one pod, because there are too many pods on the map. If you activate an enemy, you can’t always kill them right away. That’s why Tactical Analysis is here to help.

Tactical Analysis is a good thing to have when playing the game. It is used throughout all of the levels and it is helpful in the final mission. It is different from other continent bonuses because it is used in all of the levels and in many parts of the last mission.

A mod with new game mechanics can help you out!

If you’re in agreement, you have a potential solution (if you play on PC). There is a mod available at STEAM that may help with this: Less Tactical Analysis

This mod changes the bonus to only apply for a percentage of enemies. If you want, you can change it. If not, it will be 50% by default.

Final thoughts

We hope this article has helped you understand what XCOM 2 Tactical Analysis is and how it influences the enemy. If you are one of the players who think it is overpowered, there is a mod available that will make this tactic less powerful.

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