Jan’s Questlog – A Game Producer’s Journey

My name is Jan. My professional journey began in process management, where I earned my doctorate on “Process Management for the Implementation of Integrated Information Systems in the Higher Education Sector”. This path led me through various leadership roles in project management, including heading a PMO for a portfolio of over 200 major projects and serving as a deputy executive. To learn more about my background and experiences, visit my LinkedIn.

Faced with the pivotal question of what I would do if time and resources were unlimited and failure was not an option, I found my true calling: producing games. This passion for gaming guided me into the gaming industry, where I am now immersed in my role as a Game Producer. My mission is clear – to create influential games that enthrall players across the globe.

Welcome to the realm of Jan, a passionate Game Producer whose professional journey mirrors an exciting RPG quest. Each stage of this journey has brought unique challenges and achievements. Step into my personal quest log, where I share the key milestones of my career path.

Quest 1: The Beginning of My Journey

My adventure started in the realms of process management and academic research.

  • Objective: Explore the world of process management
  • Achievements: PhD in Business Informatics, initiation into project management

Quest 2: Rise to a Project Master

At HIS eG, I embraced the challenge of leading the Project Management Office and acting as the Deputy Director.

  • Objective: Take the helm in project management
  • Achievements: Leadership of over 200 major projects, development of leadership and organizational skills

Quest 3: Transition to the Gaming World

Alongside my main career, I discovered my passion for game development, venturing into independent game production.

  • Objective: Delve into the universe of game development
  • Achievements: Self-study in Unity, partnerships and projects on Fiverr, nearly 100 5-star ratings

Quest 4: The Current Chapter as a Game Producer

My current role at kr3m. media GmbH allows me to start fulltime in game producing.

  • Objective: Lead exciting HTML5 game projects to success
  • Achievements: Successful game developments and leading creative teams

Your Role in This Quest – Join My Gaming Adventure

Now that you’ve journeyed through the chapters of my past adventures, I ask you: Will you be part of my next thrilling chapter? I’m always in search of fellow adventurers, ready to tackle new challenges and explore the world of gaming together. If you feel our paths are meant to cross, don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn. Let’s talk about potential quests we can embark on together and discover how we can achieve greatness as allies. I look forward to welcoming you on my journey!