Welcome! I’m Jan, bridging a rich legacy in software project leadership with a vibrant journey into game production. My transition from a senior executive role to the gaming sector reflects a blend of seasoned expertise and a newfound dedication to creating interactive gaming experiences. This portfolio is a window into my multifaceted career, showcasing my evolution from managing complex software projects to innovating in the world of game development.

    Experience in Software Industry Leadership

    In my 13-year tenure at HIS eG, I led the Project Management Office and served as the Deputy Director, honing my skills as an experienced project manager with a deep passion for idea implementation and team leadership. This journey, marked by significant achievements in project management and leadership, paved the way for my transition into the gaming industry – a field where my passion for gaming could flourish professionally. For more details on my career journey, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

    Projectmanager and aspiring Game Producer at kr3m

    Since joining kr3m in 2023, I’ve been actively involved in two key areas. On one hand, I’m part of the team managing their cutting-edge HTML5 gaming platform, Playground, enhancing engagement for publishers and media companies. On the other hand, my role expands to include responsibilities as a Game Producer for our initial game releases. This role perfectly blends my project management skills with my growing passion for game production. I am excited to share updates on our first game releases as they become available.

    My Side Projects in Game Development

    My journey as a Game Producer began as a side venture alongside my management career. In 2022, I set a goal to launch my own game on the Google Play Store. Starting with self-taught Unity skills, I soon sought a teacher on Fiverr, who quickly became my partner in game development. This section showcases my published games, each representing a step in my evolving game production journey.

    Moving Dots War

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    Dots Strategy Games War – RTS is an exciting real-time strategy game that combines fast-paced gameplay with strategic depth. In this 1v1 game, you start with a base producing bubbles (units) whose speed and quantity depend on your upgrades. You control your bubble army with your finger, making strategic decisions about attack paths and enemy engagement. The game includes a strategic upgrade system where you enhance production speed, and bubble count, and spend gems for permanent improvements like attack power, health points, and speed. This addictive game challenges players to find the right balance between in-game upgrades and saving for permanent enhancements. Join the community on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord for more.

    Main Roles: Game Producer, Game Designer, Product Manager

    • Ideator and Game Designer: Developing original game concepts and crafting core gameplay elements.
    • Team Onboarding and Project Management with Trello: Training and guiding the Pakistan team in utilizing Trello for efficient project management, task organization, and workflow optimization.
    • Vision Holder: Producing game design documents to ensure team alignment with the game’s direction and objectives.

    Dots Strategy Games War - RTS
    Dots Strategy Games War - RTS
    Developer: JanB Games
    Price: Free

    Train Sliding Puzzle – Rail Rush

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    Train Sliding Puzzle Rail Rush is a strategic and engaging puzzle game that challenges players to build railways by sliding tiles to create a connecting track for the train. The game features 240 thoughtfully designed levels across two modes, Classic and Star, offering hours of gameplay. It includes a helpful hint function for tricky levels and can be enjoyed offline. The game is simple to learn but offers a challenging experience as players progress through the levels.

    Main Roles: Game Producer, Marketer

    • Market Research and Conceptualization: Identified potential through ASO keyword research and conceptualized the game around the themes of trains and sliding puzzles.
    • Game Adaptation and Development: Adapted a template from the Asset Store to create the game, focusing on an engaging and user-friendly experience.
    • Marketing and Monetization: Managed ASO and paid marketing strategies to drive traffic and optimize the game’s monetization potential.
    • Team Onboarding and Trello-Driven Project Management: I played a pivotal role in familiarizing and mentoring the Pakistan team with Trello. This involved not just basic training but also demonstrating advanced techniques for effective project planning, task management, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
    • Vision Leadership and Game Design Documentation: My responsibility extended to creating detailed game design documents. These documents served as a foundational blueprint, aligning the team’s efforts with the game’s strategic vision and ensuring consistency in our development objectives.
    Train Sliding Puzzle Rail Rush
    Train Sliding Puzzle Rail Rush

    Snake Inspired RPG

    “Snake Inspired RPG” ingeniously merges the classic gameplay of Snake with RPG elements. Players guide a knight on a grid-like battlefield, engaging in strategic combat with enemies of varying difficulties. Collecting hearts and managing health points are crucial as players level up and transform their abilities. The game features intuitive joystick controls, making every move in this thrilling adventure count.

    Main Roles: Game Producer, Game Designer

    • Creative Conceptualization: Developed the unique idea of combining Snake with RPG features.
    • Game Design and Mechanics: Oversaw the design of gameplay mechanics, including enemy levels, health system, and leveling up process.
    • Project Leadership: Managed the overall development process, ensuring the game aligned with the creative vision and player expectations.
    Snake inspired RPG
    Snake inspired RPG
    Developer: JanB Games
    Price: Free

    Global Game Jam 2023

    Participating in the Global Game Jam 2023 was a transformative experience for me. It was my first game jam, and the process of collaborating with a group of strangers to create a game in 48 hours was both challenging and rewarding.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Collaboration and Teamwork: The experience of turning a group of strangers into a cohesive team was invaluable. We began with brainstorming and idea development, though in hindsight, a simpler approach might have been more effective.
    • Time Management: Balancing idea generation with the limited time available was a key lesson. We realized the importance of allocating enough time for game polishing towards the end.
    • Leadership and Role Definition: Feedback from the team indicated a need for more assertive leadership in future jams. Clear role definition from the start could help in setting expectations and managing stress levels.
    • Organization: My contribution included setting up a Kanban board to keep the team organized, which was crucial in creating a playable game within the time frame.

    Outcome and Acknowledgement: The jam culminated in a playable game, a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. I am grateful to the Global Game Jam organization and the local organizers in Hanover for this opportunity. This experience has left me eager for more game jams and further involvement in the Hanover gaming community.

    From Idea to Reality: My Fiverr Projects

    From Idea to Reality: My Fiverr Projects Starting as a client on Fiverr, where I found passionate developers to bring my initial game ideas to life, my path quickly evolved. Soon, I was on the other side, offering my services as a Content Creator and Game Producer, turning not just my dreams but also those of my clients into reality.

    This venture includes providing SEO-optimized gaming articles, alongside professional game-producing services, with nearly one hundred 5-star ratings underscoring my success.

    As a Game Producer on Fiverr, my portfolio includes innovative and diverse projects with a team from Pakistan:

    • Traffic Racer Clone: Successfully replicated the thrill of Traffic Racer, adding unique elements to enhance the gaming experience.
    • GPS-based Game Prototype: Developed an exciting game utilizing collected steps as currency, a concept shrouded in secrecy due to confidentiality agreements.
    • ChuChu Rocket Project for Specialized Hardware: Worked on a ChuChu Rocket adaptation for unique hardware, redefining mobile gaming. This project involved developing specifically for this innovative hardware (not created by me).
    • BitLife-Style Game with a Twist: Crafted a game inspired by BitLife, focusing on the life journey of a music star, adding a unique and creative touch to the narrative.

    Main Role: Game Producer

    • Concept Development: Brainstorming and conceptualizing diverse game ideas based on client requirements.
    • Production Management: Leading a team to translate these concepts into playable games, overseeing development from inception to completion.
    • Client Collaboration: Working closely with clients to ensure their vision was accurately captured and executed in the game design.
    • Technical Oversight: Ensuring the technical aspects of game development met industry standards and client expectations.