Games Like Command and Conquer for Android

8 Games Like Command and Conquer for Android

Command and Conquer is an action-packed real-time strategy game with strategies that can turn the tide of any war. In The War for Tiberium, you can command and train your personalized army to defeat your enemy. With the best weapons designed for PVP enthusiast players, you can challenge your opponent or team up with your friends and share awesome rewards. In short, this game provides fun PvP matches combined with infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more so you can compete with other players all around the world and win battles. But unfortunately, there is one big problem – Command and conquer is only available for the PC. Fortunately, there are some mobile strategy games for your smartphone so that you don’t have to miss out on real-time strategy battles on the go. Here are some of the best real-time strategy games like Command and Conquer for android.

Tropical Storm Front

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Tropical Stormfront is a modern military-themed RTS game that takes you to an imaginary battle world where you can fight with jets, battleships, and tanks. On the Pacific’s historic islands, an epic battle between two strong alliances takes place. You’ll be fighting for the good guys against the all-powerful ODO who wants to conquer the world.

There are 25 missions in Tropical Stormfront, each consisting of intense skirmishes and huge maps. The missions have a wide range of objectives, from base defense to invading enemy territories. The priority is to fights rather than boring resource management, which I think is a positive thing.

This game also allows you to play co-op with your friends, including classic game modes like thrilling tank skirmishes and sea/air battles.

Foot troops, ground units, air fighters, and sea units are neatly divided into four categories. Tanks are important in this game because they do the most damage to enemy units. The only flaw is the graphics, which are very outdated as compared to modern RTS games. Tropical Stormfront, on the other hand, is a fantastic real-time strategy game with outstanding gameplay.

Machines At War 3

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This game provides better maps and over 100 unique units and weapons, seven super units, and many different missions that are included in a small package. This game also has an online multiplayer mode where you can combat and fight with your friends with advanced weapons and the best game mechanics.

Combat and fight with your friends with advanced weapons and best game mechanics. You’ve been tasked with finding and rescuing lost scientists. You’ll need to track down top-secret files. Your job is to support the Omicron Initiative by defending research files against enemies.

The game’s top-down graphics are beautiful and compelling, which means you can play these games for hours without getting tired. You get a bird’s eye view of the map, which aids in unit management and order. The animated looks good, and you can customize everything.


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The Auralux has unique features and graphics. The gameplay is unique and simple, which keeps you engaged with your phone. You go after your opponents’ “flags,” which are basically bases that spawn units and catch them. At the same time, you must keep an eye on your own stars to ensure they are not captured by your enemies.

The free edition of Auralux includes a special speed mode that guarantees fast-paced gameplay and forces you to make split-second decisions. With the paid edition of this game, you get game rewards as well as expansion packs with unique items and weekly rewards.

The visuals are enhanced by the music and sound effects that will keep you stick with your phone for hours.

War Of Nations

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War of Nations, a military-themed strategy, combat, single-player, and competitive video game where a player can create his own military empire and defeat their enemies with in-game strategies. The player’s main goal is to expand his military power and make alliances with other players in the game to take over the world. This game allows the players to use their resources to construct a large number of units that generate military items and attack their enemy’s creatures.

It includes many missions, each of which is more complex and enjoyable than the last. It also helps the player to advance by exploring new environments, constructing new structures, gathering resources, and defeating enemy creatures. The game includes an online cooperative mode in which up to fifty players from all over the world can play at the same time.

World War II

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World War II and graphics will remind you of old Command & Conquer (C&C) games, but you’ll quickly realize it’s more like Clash of Clans. To invade and defeat your enemies, you must recruit soldiers, create barriers, and construct vehicles. There are also strange superweapons, similar to those found in Command & Conquer, as well as other entertaining features to keep you tapping and swiping for hours.

The game features a one-of-a-kind “to-do” list that displays a task list that must be completed on time to receive special daily rewards. Each mission completed earns money that can be used to build further structures and recruit troops. In World War II multiplayer mode, you can see a list of online players who are in control of enemy territory. You can destroy their bases to earn additional rewards.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

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The game’s limited scale fights couldn’t measure up to enormous Total War fights on PC, however, they are as yet playable and offer some extraordinary strategic chances to gamers. Fights happen on discrete milestones, where two opponent groups send their most capable soldiers, order their units, and utilize unique capacities and strategies to seal triumph for their military. You should prepare and arrange units to assault, benefit as much as possible from unique “church requests,” and utilize standard strategies to win fights.

Realm’s base-building components will drive you to make changes to your fortress as indicated by the guide’s landscape and severe structure rules. It’s hard to deal with your realm in this game, however, once you know the principles and climate and landscape types, it will end up being somewhat simple for you to develop the correct structures, brace your base and assemble a solid armed force. The game is a bit on the harder side, so it will interest no-nonsense procedure fans.


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Masteries consolidates Clash of Clans’ high-speed fight components with Civilization’s outstanding highlights, for example, research tree and age headway. Players can progress through the ages, investigating innovations, manufacturing collusions, concocting progressed weapons, and doing combating rival countries. The game has mind-blowing visuals, however, the base plan and designs will help you to remember CoC’s isometric bases. In any case, there are parcels to find, and players will not be disillusioned by research trees, various kinds of troops, weapons, and innovations.

The game allows players to pick a country from eight-strong countries. Every country and an extraordinary capacity that can help you fabricate an amazing armed force and uncommon units. Like Civilization, Dominations additionally allows you to construct recorded miracles like the Coliseum and the pyramids of Egypt. If you have played CIV and love the high-speed clashes of COC, at that point you ought to download this game to your Android gadget.

Rusted Warfare

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Assuming you have played Total Annihilation, you shouldn’t miss Rusted Warfare. With captivating retro visuals, this game brings old-school RTS gaming to your cell phone. It highlights crusade missions that occur on huge guides. There are additionally fun clashes with every mission, allowing you a chance to assume responsibility for land, air, and ocean units. In any case, it’s the pinnacle guard endurance mode that ups the interactivity esteem.

A decent interactivity angle is the unit arrangement include that allows you to shape strategic assault and protection examples to get an essential edge over adversary units. This component helps me to remember exemplary RTS titles like Rise of Nations.

With the zoom choice, you can zoom out to get a full guide see, making it simple to get a 10,000 foot perspective of the current fight situation and issue orders. The game likewise includes a multiplayer mode that can be played using the Internet or Wi-Fi.

Final thoughts about Games Like Command and Conquer for Android

There are several RTS games available for Android but there are no identical games like Command and Conquer for Android. As a strategy game lover, you will hopefully still enjoy our selection for on the go! If you like Command and Conquer and real-time strategy, then our post about the difference between RTS vs TBS might be interesting for you!

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