Dots Strategy Games War – RTS

The minimalistic RTS game for your mobile

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Why you want to play this game

  • Experience a game of strategy and challenge
  • The game wants you to be thinking constantly of what your next move is going to be
  • More and more engaging levels will challenge you
  • Seeing dots burst is just fun 😉

Summary of the game

  • In this game, you are moving around an army of dots with your finger
  • You will find all relevant aspects of a real-time strategy (RTS) game but in a minimalistic version
  • Build up an economy, micro management of your units and macro management for map controll
  • Did I mentioned seeing dots burst is fun?
Dots Strategy Games War - RTS
Dots Strategy Games War - RTS
Developer: JanB Games
Price: Free


Honestly your UI is a solid 10/10 it stands out and looks very professional, thank you for sharing with me.

David Hemsworth via twitter

Hey, this looks like a nifty game! Nice to see a change from the typical “line elimination” format. I like it.

3rd Echo Sounds via twitter

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