Do games mess up your phone?

Do games mess up your phone?

Nowadays, it is common for people to sit in front of their mobile phones with games on for hours playing games like pubg. However, this can cause several problems with your phone that you do not notice immediately. Games can mess up your battery life by causing it to drain faster than expected. Suppose you’re playing a game with an internet connection. It will increase your data usage battery consumption and heat your device, which could damage your phone.

However, there are methods for resolving these difficulties, so keep reading!

Do playing games damage Android phones?

There is no one right answer to this question. Some people say that gaming can cause your phone to overheat and damage the hardware, while others say it’s only a problem if you’re playing games for hours. Some people say that gaming does not affect your phone’s performance.

The best way to find out if a mobile game is harming your phone is to try it out yourself. Try playing games for an hour or two and see if your phone starts getting extremely hot or experiences any other problems.

If it does, then try disabling wi-fi or playing shorter sessions.

If you have a newer gaming phone, it is doubtful that gaming would harm your Android.

Is it wrong to play games while charging your phone?

The phone’s battery can quickly overheat when using it while charging because of its limited heat dissipation capacity. Because of this, if you’re frequently running games or HD videos on your device, the more juice it consumes and the fewer slips through to keep it cool! 

Charging slows down as well, so make sure not to combine these two things – leave chargers for later use only where necessary. You know that your phone will heat up if you use it while charging, right? Well, there’s an even better reason to stop doing this! The battery may become damaged and shortened in lifespan.

It’s important to know that if you’re not using your phone while it charges, almost all the power going into charging goes towards beefing up battery life. When we are constantly using our phones, we draw more power from the outlet. As a consequence, the phones will not charge as quickly.

Playing games like PUBG can cause the USB port on your phone to become loose or damaged, which will decrease charging speed. Sudden jerks while gaming could also damage this connection and make it impossible for you to charge up properly!


How do you prevent your mobile phone from overheating while playing mobile games?

Many games today require an excessive amount of mobile device energy to operate. Overheating does damage to your device battery and also affects your gameplay enjoyment.

In the following sections, we’ve included some suggestions on how to keep your phone from overheating when playing mobile games.

Avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can improve our lives, but it is not suitable for our phones. Sunlight provides heat to us – pair it with the heat in your smartphone. It will cause us heat issues.

The extra heating affects the device’s external components and reduces efficiency affecting its longevity. Keep in mind you also have to dim your lights during the play outside because this causes excessive heat.

Remove casing to reduce overheating

A case traps temperature a little longer, which will increase the device’s surface temperature when you take heavy tasks such as playing games.

Just after playing a game, you may tuck a box back in. This step should happen automatically so that there aren’t any concerns that the cellphone may drop from the pocket.

Do you enjoy playing games on your phone for hours at a time? Don’t you want to unpack it every time? Opt for a case with adequate ventilation.

Why does the battery drain when we play games?

When you play games, your phone’s hardware is under a heavy load, increasing power consumption. 

Apps like Snapchat don’t use up much battery power when you play simple graphics-based puzzles, but playing video or audio-based content can use up more battery.

Lower screen brightness

If you’re looking to save battery life and keep your phone cool, turning off the proximity sensor will help! It uses more power to improve its temperature. 

If we decrease the brightness of our device, we will use less electricity each day, and our batteries will last longer.

Turn off background services

The best method to preserve your phone from overheating? Swipe away any applications still running after pressing the home button twice. Turning off background services will help you calm down and increase battery life!

Low settings aren’t always bad

Lowering the settings for games you play can help prevent your phone from overheating. Reducing settings means turning down the graphics, sound, and other features that can use up more battery life and increase heat.

Some games look fantastic and won’t affect your gameplay experience even with lower graphic settings.

Take breaks

If you’re playing a game on your phone and it starts to overheat, take a break! Breaks will help to cool it down and prevent any damage from happening.

A break is beneficial for your phone, but it’s even more essential for you. When you take a break, you can do the following things:

  • Stretch your legs
  • Drink some water
  • Get some fresh air
  • Talk to friends or family


It is essential to take care of our phones and follow some simple tips to avoid overheating. By following the information we’ve provided, you can keep your phone safe while enjoying your favorite games. Remember to take breaks often, drink plenty of water, and get some fresh air!

Do you have more tips on how to prevent our phones from overheating? Let us know in the comments below!