Best Squid Game Apps

7 Best Squid Game Apps

Squid Game has taken the world by storm and thanks to the release of several apps, you can enjoy it from your phone. But which is the best squid game app? In this post, you will find the best 6 squid game apps on the market and an insider tip!

Everyone’s talking about the Netflix series Squid Game lately, and it’s no surprise. The series has nine parts and each one is fantastic and engaging. The storyline is solid, but it’s the concept that makes for a fantastic performance that will keep you interested until the end (and wanting more). For those who wish to try their hand at these frightening tasks for themselves, they now have an app that allows them to do so without taking any responsibility.

If you want to have some fun, watch the following YouTube video and see how Infinite plays some squid game apps!

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Those who wish to enjoy the game without spending money can find squid game app download free. You will find a fantastic squid game mobile game if you want to alleviate some of your boredom, and it pairs quite well with the Netflix series.

With so many new games popping up on the app stores every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That is why we have picked out 6 that are currently being installed and positively reviewed highly by users for you! As well as an insider tip!

Netflix Plans To Make A Squid Game Video Game

Netflix has plans to make a video game based on Squid Game (source: The Hollywood Reporter). Netflix’s VP for Content in Asia Pacific, Minyoung Kim says that they have been getting a lot of requests from companies about the Squid Game intellectual property. Netflix is considering licensing Squid Game for a video game to be released in the future.

The game Squid Game, which is purely hypothetical at this point, has already been recreated in games like Roblox and Fortnite. And for mobile users, Squid Game Apps are available for iOS & Android. You can find squid game app ios for apple devices and squid game app store in google play.

Netflix’s gaming ambitions are still in the early stages and it is hard to tell when this would be released.

The best Squid Game App by installs

The top game by installs on Google Play in November 2021 are as follows. It is completely free to download and includes advertisements.

Squid Game Challenge and K-Games Challenge

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Play the most famous traditional Korean games! K-Games Challenge developed by Supercent is available for iPad and iPhone. You can play multiple levels filled with new thrills on your mobile device, so take this challenge yourself today!

The Squid Game app, created by Supercent, includes all six levels of the series Squid Game. You can play Red Light Green Light Squid Game; Sugar Honeycombs; Tug-of-War; Marbles; Glass Stepping Stones; and, finally, The Squid Game.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on your screen. There is a lot of advertising that appears after you fail a mission, but at least you’re still alive and may attempt it again. 

Update: The Squid Game Challenge has been removed from the Play Store! No more squid game app download android!

‎K-Games Challenge
‎K-Games Challenge
Developer: Supercent, Inc.
Price: Free

The best Squid Game Apps by positive Reviews

Now we take a look at the top game with the greatest positive ratings on Google Play in November 2021.

Squid: The game

Image source: Google Play

The mobile game “Squid: The Game” developed by Podscriptom is rated with 4,3 out of 5 stars.

The challenge for Android. This includes all six levels of the series Squid Games- including Red Light, Green Light; Sugar Honeycombs; Tug-of-War; Marbles; Glass Stepping Stones; and, finally, The Squid Game! Are you going to accept? Games are about to begin…

The reviews for “Squid Game” say that it’s a great game, but some people think it could be better. In “Red light, green light,” the doll does not utter the entire phrase; instead, it truncates it, making it difficult to determine when she will spin around. Most reviews like the honeycomb level. However, the “Tug of War” level is too difficult to accomplish.

Squid: The game
Squid: The game
Developer: Podscriptom
Price: Free

Hackers are infecting Android devices with a virus from an unofficial Squid Game App

Hackers are using fake ‘The Squid Game’ apps in the Google Play Store to install the ‘Joker’ virus on smartphones and empty bank accounts.

Hackers take advantage of the popularity of ‘The Squid Game’ to place in the official Play Store several fake applications inspired by the Korean Netflix series. These Apps serve as a vehicle for cybercriminals to install the ‘Joker’ virus on Android phones.

Despite there being no official game or application related to Korean production yet, over 200 apps were registered before October.


Final thoughts

The best squid game apps can be found in the app store and on Google Play. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite series, try one of these games! You’ll find plenty of options with high-quality animation and no ads or purchases. These horror games are anytime, anywhere so that there is never an excuse not to play! All it takes is a click to download them onto any phone or tablet device – what’s stopping you?