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Developing great games for you!

JanB Games is a small indie game development company that’s been making mobile games since 2021. Our team consists of a handful of talented freelancers, including artists and programmers. We develop our games in Unity3D. We are small but passionate!

We’re passionate about gaming, and we want to make the best possible experience for players by creating meaningful gameplay experiences with an emphasis on originality. We make games that we would play and enjoy!

I’m Jan. I started JanB Games in my spare time and now it’s my side hustle next to my day job as a manager in a software company. I love gaming, and together with freelancers from around the world, we create mobile games that people love. My goal is to turn this hobby into a full-time job!

Tehmasip is a passionate and professional 2D and 3D game developer freelancer from Pakistan. He has always been interested in game development since he was little, so he pursued his dream career as a game developer. Tehmasip loves to help people through their problems with the best solutions possible; always giving advice when needed. You can find him on Fiverr.

JanB Games isn’t just about releasing one game after another – it’s about creating something that will be played by gamers all over the world!

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